jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Dedicated to the English audience

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Watching my blog google statistics, I know that I have international visitors, who do not speak and read French.
I am confused to not be able to manage in same time both French and English languages. And as I know that my pictures are not the best ones we can discover on the web, I can understand that it is frustrating for you.
My apologies.
I have some (a little, a few?) reasons to explain why I do not maintain an English version of my blog:

  •  I haven’t got enough time to duplicate the posts, the pages… I try to keep on painting, posting some news, taking bad pictures to share with you. I have a lot of new projects, in my mind, drawn on several notebooks, and no time to realize a few of them (I don’t speak to do all).
  • I do not know enough the English language to be able to translate better than Google translation tool. I would make a lot of mistakes, and I do not like it (I am sure there are several misprint in what I am writing).
  • I like playing with words (sometimes), and I cannot do the same in English.
  • I did not find an easy way to manage duplicate contents with Blogger (except to propose both French and English versions of the text in the same post… but I do not like it a lot).

Nevertheless, feel free to post comments, ask questions, request more details or explanations, and share your own experience, in English. I will do my best to answer you, using the same language.


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